How to Tell This Wilted Dogwood Petal From Starlight by Danielle Hanson

How to Tell This Wilted Dogwood Petal From Starlight

Both have fallen from some level of sky.
Lay down and let’s discuss this rationally.
Color is no clue—starlight can bend the spectrum.
And if starlight falls like rain, then it must
be shaped like water droplets, or leaves, or petals.
Moths are attracted to light, and bees are attracted
to flowers, but we are not examining
the difference between bees and moths.
Which can be held on the breeze? Which
can we taste?  Put this on your tongue, let me try.

Danielle Hanson is the author of Fraying Edge of Sky (Codhill Press Poetry Prize Winner, 2018) and Ambushing Water (Brick Road Poetry Press, 2017). Her work has won the Vi Gale Award from Hubbub, was Finalist for the 2018 Georgia Author of the Year Award and been nominated for several Pushcarts. She is Poetry Editor for Doubleback Books, is on the staff of the Atlanta Review, and has edited Hayden’s Ferry Review.