Jesus, The Original Disney Princess by Liz Bruno

Jesus, The Original Disney Princess

After you finish that quiz
Revealing what Disney villain your mother is,
Think of Jesus. (No, seriously.)
Think of that man paving the way
And shaping the heroes you love.
He was the first Westernized beauty queen there ever was.
That man had endless magic in his eyes,
And it hung like love on his lips.
It appeared like waves in his hair, majestically.
He taught girls and boys to dream big and look pretty.

They say that man glowed.
At least, people still paint him that way.
They show him in flowing robes of white,
Floating up: straight-up social mobility.

Yes, Jesus was the nicest, cleverest queen
This world had ever seen.
He left his provincial life
And displeased the bourgeois.
They did not want him to rule.
They did not like him breaking the glass ceiling
And ascending through the sky, like, literally.

No wonder girls still tape him to their walls,
Dreaming of how good and pure he was.
He rose above it all so gracefully.
That queen was born in a barn,
But he was so magnetically kind
Even animals were drawn to his side.

Now Jesus sits at the King’s right-hand side.
He waves and winks and smiles.
He shows that love wins and kindness reigns,
That happily ever after is real, again and again.

Liz Bruno’s poetry has been published in Roast Magazine, ISLE, and Montana Magazine. She has received the Jane Campbell Krohn Graduate Award in Literature and the Environment from the University of Oregon, and was the winner of the 2009 Davis Demitasse Poetry Competition in Roast Magazine. Her academic/crossover writing has appeared in The Atlantic and in chapters of the books Mothers, Mothering, and Motherhood Across Cultural Differences and Motherhood and Lone/Solo Parenting, both published by Demeter Press.