Two Poems by Sara Rempe

             (for Sid)

Everything is a threat.
Even the soft offering

of an open palm
is suspect. The past is

leashed to us
like shadow.

Here is the lesson
we didn’t learn:

there are people
who want to love us.



Let me speak
            of my defects, how I
            myself to cheat
and leave
            no trace
of my heart’s
            dread or ache—
See me reach
            for the rare
hand of grace—hear
            my prayer retched
from the wide acre
            of loss.  I’d etched
a lie into my head.
            I let shame char
my guts, blacken each
            bone, I didn’t care
to live.  This earth—terra
            incognita—seemed a godless
blue weight. I swear
            I want to be a woman of faith—

Sara Rempe received my MFA in poetry from Hunter College, and currently teaches creative writing in the college’s English Department. Her poetry can be found at and . Her feature film, The Last Day of August, can be found on iTunes.