Letter To My Great-Grandchildren by Dick Bentley

Letter To My Great-Grandchildren

Don’t be alarmed, I come unarmed
And undefended, without signs, without
Slogans, without protests.
Strange, this grassroots vapor
Thickening my brain.
Now you have the nights
To wake in silence, with gracious guns
To thunder, flame, and pillage
You children twist in the trees.
I climb the future’s slippery slope.
Listen, my feet are frozen.
You could have filled my lungs
With summer.
Fiery, quaking, brawling with the heavens,
Now how does your garden grow? Oh, I know
It has yet to begin.
Love will be lonely without you to
Switch off disgust, welcome the tranquil reign of
Tea Party terror,
With all the children
Force-born by rape
Lying slaughtered in the school yards.

Dick Bentley has published fiction, poetry, and memoir in over 200 journals, magazines and anthologies on three continents. His books, Post-Freudian Dreaming and A General Theory of Desire, are available on Amazon, Powell’s Books, or at www.dickbentley.com. His new book, All Rise, contains recently published stories, poems, and graphic “wall poetry” that has been displayed in art galleries. He has served on the board of the Modern Poetry Association (now known as the Poetry Foundation), is a Pushcart Prize nominee, and was prizewinner in the Paris Review/Paris Writers Workshop International Fiction Awards. In 2012 and 2013, he gave readings of his poetry at the famous Paris bistro, Au Chat Noir.