Quiet Roses by Elian JRF Wiseblatt

Quiet Roses

I cut the a
off my name

twisted its neck
like tubes
tied to ensure
safe keeping.

He sits quietly,
the a, he chews
with his mouth
closed. An a
will rarely protest

if only you
can keep him fed.

That letter deserves
better: an a with
a cut in his cheek
eating what’s put
before him
before I could
have ever asked
him to.

An a was evicted
from my name four years
ago, today, and he
never once to me
said a word.
Instead he stuffs
his face with roses
quietly crying
as their thorns
stick quietly to
the ovaries left still
in my name.

Elian JRF Wiseblatt (they/them) currently lives in Massachusetts, but was born and raised on Long Island, New York. They have only one previous publishing credit, with Laurel Moon literary magazine. Besides poetry, they are passionate about green tea and animal welfare.