Students’ Personal Writing Experiences by Diana Becket

Students’ Personal Writing Experiences

Faye writes that she hid in the basement
                while she listened for the key in her door,
                              steps across the floor, and the sound of a gun.
                                             She couldn’t clean away the blood.

Joe describes his mother and her struggle to provide.
                He told her the money was from a gardening job.
                              He did not want her to know
                                            the money came from selling drugs.

Tanya left school at sixteen to have her child
              and worked on her own to pass the GED.
                               She turns in a page and has to leave early—
                                            the baby sitter can’t stay long.      

Memories of war zones threaten Dave’s nights.
             Guilt for dead friends haunts him.
                            He writes of his trouble to survive
                                            the mockery of a peacetime life.

Diana Becket taught writing courses in England, The Netherlands, and Ohio and began writing poetry when she retired. Her poems have been published or are forthcoming in Voices de la Luna, Pegasus, Common Threads and Pine Mountain Sand and Gravel.