Last mile to terminus by Yuliia Vereta

Last mile to terminus

The truth like the trench knife

Digs into the emptiness between my ribs,

Which like those white piano keys

Are silently waiting for their fate.

At some point we merge,

The silent pain and speechless I,

In our magnificent dance at the break of dawn.

And I understand that no matter what

The sun has risen. And I have to too.

The rays of the young morning sun

Fill the air surrounding us, revealing every tiny piece of dust

Flying around in its eternal slow motion.

The rays pierce the window glass.

I watch the dust snowing down in front of beige curtain.

We will finish our story here and each will go own way.

We will disperse like light meeting that dust,

Each taking a different road to find a way out,

Like the passengers of the night train,

Who split the talk and the cup of tea,

Forgetting the names and faces when getting off,

Going out into the city and going on,

Quietly leaving the train at the terminus.

Yuliia Veretas’ other works were published in print and online in 2019 in Litro Magazine (UK), Genre: urban arts (USA), Penultimate Peanut Magazine (USA), the Valley Voices (USA) and the McGuffin (USA). She received the 2018 City of Rockingham Short Story Award (Australia) and became the finalist in 2019 Poetry Matters Project (USA) as well as 2019 Hessler Poetry Contest (USA).