Recognizable by Daniel Moore

Recognizable After dinner, a fugitive guest, vibrating with the visceral, sat on the couch between us. The future was                                                                                recognizable. That cherubim face with blistered hands taking off those combat boots, as a warm southern drawl dripped like honey off every word wearing a yellow jacket spoken to make us feel better. The absence … Continue reading Recognizable by Daniel Moore


BLACK-AND-WHITE PHOTOS Black-and-white photographs— leaves of an invisible tree, shed on the road, you never walk again, until you reach the point— nowhere else to go. Faint smiles, funny bonnet, neatly trimmed mustache, tight epauletted uniform, and my dad in girls’ dress on the unknowable friends’ lap. Postcards from the other side of the mirror, … Continue reading BLACK-AND-WHITE PHOTOS by Andrey Gritsman

Hallucination Is Everywhere by Josef Krebs

Hallucination is everywhere Hallucination is everywhere The brain is a Nosferatu shut in a coffin The New Yorker spills theories into your morning expulsions Like a rabid giraffe Beautiful yet dangerous In unexpected ways A system undermining a system An unexpected momentary illumination Callous as a truck hauling debris Stabbing at necessity and routine In … Continue reading Hallucination Is Everywhere by Josef Krebs